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I began singing as a child in the church my father pastored and where my mother played the piano.  I was saved under my father’s preaching.  I joined the Navy when I graduated from high school and there developed a strong interest in country music.  After the military, I pursued a limited career in country music allowing me to open for several “name brands” in the country music industry and perform on the east coast.


In 1987, God began dealing with me and I began attending a church near my home.  I rededicated my life to Christ.  A short time later, I began singing with the choir.  It was at a choir Christmas party of that year that I met Gina.  We were married in May 1988.  

I started singing a good bit at other churches and various church functions.  In 1997, a long-time dream came true.  I recorded my first album simply entitled “Joe Ables”.  This excited me so that I determined that if God would open the doors and provide the means, I would continue recording.  

The “Silent Lamb” was my second album and the title song was written by Walter Smith, a friend from church.  This was also about the time that Gina, bashful and shy, began to sing a song or two at my concerts.  Although she shied away from the spotlight, people enjoyed hearing her sweet soft voice.  It grew from there. 

In 2000, I went back to the studio to do my third recording, but Gina went with me this time.  She sings the title song “Amazing Love” which was also written by Mitch Morris.  Mitch wrote two songs for this album and wrote other songs that I previously recorded.  We went back to the studio in 2001 to produce “I Will Praise The Lord” which was released June 2002.

Joe and Gina Ables

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